ADA accessibility. 

Support for people with disabilities is central to Good Shepherd Funds mission and is codified in our values. 


The Good Shepherd Fund mission. 

 We provide support services to enhance the quality of life of aging adults and people with disabilities.  


Web & mobile accessibility. 

 Toward this end, we work to meet online usability and design requirements that are recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in their Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA. We apply design standards that help our visitors identify, interpret, understand and interact with content on our website. 


Software recommendations and settings. 

 We adhere to the W3C’s globally recognized standards in order to provide content that is compatible with the most popular assistive technologies and web browsers. We always recommend using the most current version (or the version released just prior to the most recent) of manufacturer’s assistive technology applications, along with a current version of the browsers listed below. 


The individual manufacturer’s site provides information about how to obtain the most recent version. Access to assistance from local and state agencies or non-profit groups in your area may also be available. 


Screen reader applications. 

 We recommend the following browser and screen reader application pairings: 

  •  Microsoft Internet Explorer and JAWS 
  •  Mozilla Firefox and NVDA 
  •  Chrome and TalkBack for Android devices 
  •  Safari and VoiceOver for iOS and macOS devices 


Your online experience may be improved by exploring these features and settings in various assistive technology applications: 


Special characters:

Some screen reading applications require you to enable settings to automatically read any of these special characters: @, #, $, &, ‘, “, /, |, _, { }, [ ] and words with tilde or grave accented characters. 



Enable settings to automatically read these symbols If required by your screen reading application, : +, -, =, *, \, %, ^, ( ), < and >. 



 We recommend using the most current version (or the version released just prior to) of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer. 


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