A Journey of Resilience and Triumph: Michael S.

Unwavering Support:

A Journey of Resilience and Triumph

Michael S. has been a client with us since 2018. Michael’s early years in rural New Mexico were defined by adversity, where daily needs were met with the humble aid of a Home Depot bucket, and he wrestled with unimaginable challenges. Amidst a tumultuous journey through the foster care system, The Good Shepherd Fund emerged as a steadfast beacon of stability in his life.

Thanks to the unwavering support of our community, we successfully secured a nurturing home for Michael last year, catalyzing a remarkable transformation. No longer reliant on a bucket, Michael now enjoys the dignity of a proper restroom. What’s more, he actively engages in a customized day program, receiving the care he so rightly deserves right in his hometown.

Michael’s inspiring journey serves as a testament to the pivotal role played by The Good Shepherd Fund in offering a lifeline to individuals like him when all hope seems lost. Every contribution, regardless of its size, holds the potential to be life-changing.

Our mission is not possible without the community that stands with us.

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